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Trousseau gives back

The Trousseau Front Line Support Project

FALKE, TROUSSEAU and Easton International have teamed up together to donate comfort and care items to our brave and selfless front line hospital workers.



Thanks to Falke and Easton International; Trousseau has shipped thousands of dollars in high quality socks, slippers, athletic bralettes in addition to our masks to Johns Hopkins Sibley Memorial Hospital in DC, Hunter Holmes McGuire Veteran's Hospital in Richmond and Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville.

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Together we would like to thank all of the brave and tireless people who help on the front lines in this time of need and the people who support them.

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Our efforts have been joined by generous donations of comfort bralettes and panties from Anita International , silk sleep masks from Linda Hartman, Montauk hand creme from Tocca Fragrance and masks from Valens Lingerie.

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Wonderful soft stretch panties have been provided by Chantelle, men's

anti-chafing boxer briefs from Saxx and pretty panties from  Elomi.


We thank all of you who answer the call of duty as the rest of us retreat into the safety of our homes. Thank you for choosing to serve and care for those that might be afflicted with the virus, even though caring for them may put yourself at risk.

During this unprecedented period of angst and anxiety, we thank you for being the helpers and heroes we look to. Your work is never easy, and few of us could undertake it– but you charge on, day after day.

We appreciate you and look forward to the brighter days ahead!

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