Great Pajamas!

Choose a collection of Luxurious Shea butter hand creams from the south of France by La Chatelaine

One of Oprah's favorites! $8.50 ea

Willow Cerise classic cotton/modal PJs $120


Tigress classic PJ from Cat's Pajamas
S-XL $120


red cats pjs.PNG
red capri_edited.png

My friend Spot PJs

by PJ Salvage S-XL $102

PJ Salvage dots_edited.jpg
Green cats pjs.PNG
Tigress PJ_edited_edited.jpg

Taos pale pink

cotton/modal PJs $115

PJ Salvage ski PJs

sizes S-XL

pj sal_edited.jpg

Blue Swirl PJs by Cat's Pajamas

Gift card image.jpg

Ski PJs by PJ Salvage 

Keep it simple!

Trousseau Gift Cards

are available in many denominations

blue cats pjs.PNG
Capture blue_edited.jpg

Cassette flannel PJs by PJ Salvage S-XL


Willow cerise capri PJ by Cat's Pajamas S-XL $120

Aurora's garden classic cotton/modal PJ
sizes S-XL $125

pj salv_edited.jpg

Ski Trip flannel PJs by PJ Salvage S-XL


Fun flannel PJs by PJ Salvage

Tocca Crema de Mano Luxe

hand creme 4oz $20ea