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About Proper Fit

Did you know that Manufacturers estimate that approximately 85% of American women

are wearing the wrong bra size? At Trousseau, we specialize in fit.

Did you know that a bra can Actually be comfortable?


That the right size and style can make you look higher and slimmer?


imagine not having to frequently, "adjust," your bra?

A properly sized bra should fit smoothly and comfortably. It should feel nonrestrictive, with good support, lift and containment.

About expert bra fitting at Trousseau

A bra fitting at Trousseau can take just a few minutes. Allow yourself more time to try on all the pretty possibilities!

At Trousseau, a great fitting bra starts with an accurate band measurement. This is the number part of a bra size.


While taking the band measurement, your fitter will estimate the projection of your breast tissue over your band measurement to determine an initial cup size. This is the letter part of a bra size. Because of great variety in breast shape and density, it is not possible to accurately measure for cup size.

Once an initial size has been determined, you will be asked to try on a bra for a fit read.  your fitter will critique the fit and adjust size and style accordingly to your body type, comfort level and style preferences.

Not every bra is for every body. A professionally trained trousseau fitter will find the best options for you!

How do we evaluate fit?

  1. The bra should fit snugly around the ribcage. 90% of your support comes from a properly fitted band.

  2. The center gore of the bra should be close to the breastbone, if it is pulling away from the body, the cup size is too small.

  3. The bra underwire should fit comfortably around the breast tissue. not too far forward, nor too far back.

  4. The cups should fit smoothly. There should be no extra room and there should be no pushover.

  5.  the bottom of the bra should not lift when you raise your arms.

  6. Strap position should be comfortable.

  7. Adjust the straps for lift and balance. (Every woman is a little fuller on one side than the other)

  8. Remember that not every bra style is for every body. Let our fitters help you find the perfect ones for you!

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